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Serving The Fargo Community Since 2020

We are a family owned concrete coating company serving the North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota communities.

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Focus On delivering a superior product that will last.

Reviews From Our Clients

Sam Wilke
Sam Wilke
Excellent customer service and our garage floor turned out fantastic!
Jean Corbett
Jean Corbett
Excellent service. Organized and efficient. From start to finish…. Grade A project!!
Brandon Rand
Brandon Rand
Had a great experience with DNA Epoxy, very clear process and the finished product is exactly what I wanted. Spending a lot more time in the garage now haha. Highly recommend if you are looking for epoxy or concrete coating.

Our Services

Polyaspartic and Epoxy Flooring

Polyaspartic and polyurea coatings are the perfect solution for textured and durable flooring from garage floors to patios. Our industrial grade coatings are chemical and stain resistant, antimicrobial & antibacterial, UV resistant and 4x stronger than traditional epoxy flooring. Our flooring will not peel, chip or flake and comes with a 10 year workmanship warranty.


Epoxy countertops are a fully customizable countertop that is durable, antimicrobial & antibacterial, heat resistant, seamless, nontoxic food safe surface that comes in a matte of high gloss finish with a scratch resistant coating. The affordable and ideal solution to renovating or building your kitchen, bar or office countertops.


Metallic flooring is a self leveling custom floor coating available in single color, or multiple colors integrated together to produce a beautiful one of a kind floor. A seamless floor that comes in a matte or high gloss finish that is aesthetically pleasing for any interior residential or commercial space.


A versatile and cost effective solution for transforming or repairing any interior or exterior concrete surface. Unlimited design options and colors that are fully customizable from color to design and texture. Ideal for patios, walkways, pool decks, and any concrete surface you're looking to upgrade. They are durable and easy to maintain with little upkeep.

DNA Epoxy & Concrete Coating Solutions

Our certified and experienced technicians will make sure your flooring or countertops are professionally installed and prepped every step of the way.

To help clients utilize and get the most out their space with a service that will stand up to whatever you throw at it. Providing top notch services at a cost efficient price.

We take pride in delivering a product with precise attention to detail in every service we offer. 

We are flexible to the clients needs and schedules and strive to make the process as simple and convenient as possible. We offer multiple products to work within the clients budget and offer them the most cost effective solution for their needs.

Finding out the clients exact needs and providing them with the best options available to exceed all expectations.

Working with clients to deliver them the ideal service for their exact needs.

DNA Epoxy & Concrete Coating Solutions.